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Play, Explore and Learn.

Cathena education enables each child to unwrap their hidden and unique learning styles. While our CORPUS-CALLOSUM activation helps them to discover their creative side.

We Offer Different Kinds of Activities.

With us, your children will enjoy plenty of different kind of techniques that will develop them and act as a perfect ground for further development. Explore the bright future of your child at cathena education!

About Our Education

Cathena Education is a wonderful environment where children learn & promote their cognition. We use "CORPUS-CALLOSUM" activation to enhance an individual's memory. It’s a combination of Mental and Physical Exercises along with activities that increase hand to eye coordination, activities that allow you to express innermost feelings in the form of Art, Alphabets and more.

Need help with Dyslexia and Learning Disability

Dyslexia is a learning disorder where your child is unable to read, write, speak and spell words correctly. It is a type of learning disability, but not a disease. Some common examples are Slow-learners, Hyperactive, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and Concentration problems.

Our Features

We, at Cathena education give your child a homely feel away from you. To ensure that this journey of your kid from home to Cathena will be a smooth process we have, child’s fun partner, teachers and experts. We will let your child to experience comfortable and nurturing environment.
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