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What is Learning Disability and It's Type

Does your child avoid going to school or can’t concentrate on studies? Does he face difficulty in reading, writing or tackling problems in daily life? Every kid has trouble with their homework and school life from time to time, but if certain problems remain constant for a longer period, it might indicate a learning disorder. After knowing everything about learning disability, make sure your child gets the right help to overcome classroom challenges and move ahead in life.
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What is Learning Disability??

Learning disability is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of learning problems. Kids with learning disorders aren’t lazy or dumb. In fact, most kids are just as smart as their peers are. The only difference is that the brain of these kids is wired differently. This difference affects how they receive and process information.
Simply saying, children and adults with learning disabilities hear, see and understand things differently. This can cause trouble while learning new tasks and implementing them. Common problems that learning disability involve writing, reading, listening, speaking and math.
No parent wants to see their child suffering from any disease and it can be tough for parents to accept that their child has a learning disorder. Parents may wonder what it could mean to their child’s future or can worry about how their kid will make it through school. During this phase, your child might be labeled as “slow” or “dumb” and can also be transferred to the special class.
The important thing to remember is that these kids are as capable as their peers. These kids need to be taught in different ways by using different techniques which makes them happy and excited to perform that particular task.

Types of Learning Disability

Types of Learning_Disability
DYSLEXIA:- (Difficulties with Reading)

Problems reading,writing and speaking.

DYSCALCULIA:- (Difficulty with maths)

Problems doing math problems, understanding time and calender.

DYSGRAPHIA:- (Difficulty with writing)

Problems with handwriting, spelling and organizing ideas.

HYPERACTIVE:- (Difficulty with concentration)

Problems with work and sometime very active and aggressive.

DYSPHASIA:- (Difficulty with language)

The problems, poor reading comprehension, slow writing and understanding spoken language.

Signs and Symptoms of learning_disaility

Have a look on signs and symptoms of each and also strategies to cure the Learning disability.

Auditory processing disorder

People feel it difficult to sense the difference between words sound, even when sound is loud and clear enough to be heard. They could not be able to sense the order and path of sound.

Sign and symptoms

Difficulty in language-related tasks and will face trouble in recalling the environmental sound, music, etc.Individuals would not be able to explain their thoughts and ideas.Misspell, wrong and mispronounces of wording is the common problem generally found in every individual facing learning disability syndrome (there/there, built/belt)


Rather than explaining through verbal communication try to create that situation in real so that picture can be formed in individuals mind. Help them by teaching abstract vocabulary, word roots, synonyms & antonyms. Give them 5-6 seconds to respond to the situation.


Learning disability generally effects person ability to understand numbers and mathematics facts. Individuals may struggle in telling the time or counting the numbers.

Symptoms and signs

Difficulty in recognizing patterns while adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Having difficulty to put language into the math process.Problems in understanding the concepts related to time such as days, weeks, months and years.


Advice to use colored pencils to differentiate the problems.Draw a picture of word problem instead of explaining verbally.Use rhythm and music to teach steps and math’s concepts.Early intervention of problem can lessen their effects. Getting help earlier will increase the chance to perform well in academics and real life. If learning disability remain untreated child may begin to feel irritated and frustrated, which will lead to low esteem and other problems.

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